K2, K4, K5 Series Compact System Hydrodynamic Speed Variators

Hydrodynamic Speed Variators


The K2-K4-K5 variator is a modular product: Enables customer to choose the power modular base and then add different kits of input, output, feet and speed control.

K2-K4-K5 type hydrostatic variators (oil system) and modular products are selected according to motor power. According to the motor input flange B14 or B5 flange motor size (for example 1.5 kW 1400d / d motor 90B14 or 90B5 motor input flange) can be selected. Solid output shaft diameter of the variator in the various shaft diameters, and even different foot types and speed control equipment can be selected.

var-spe hidrostatic varyatörler
var-spe hidrostatic varyatörler
var-spe hidrostatic varyatörler
var-spe hidrostatic varyatörler

 Technic Table

Housing Size K2 K2 K4 K5
Old Type A2 A4 A8 A10 - A12
Motor Power (kW) 0,25 - 0,37 0,55 - 0,75 1,1 - 1,5 2,2 - 3 - 4
Input Flange Types 71B5 - 71B14 80B5 - 80B14 90B5 - 90B14 100B5 -112B5
Output Flange Types 71B5 80B5 90B5 100 - 112B5
Standard Output Shaft Diameter (mm) 14 19 24 28
Custom Output Shaft Diameter (mm) 19 - 22 14 - 22 28 -

 Long Lasting Life

 To be able to Connect Seamlessly to the Motor and Gearbox

 Compact Input and Output Flange Configurations

 Compact Output Shaft Diameter

 Compact Feet Configurations

 To be able to Secure the Set Output Speed